Case Study - Client in the Wallcoverings Sector
Client Profile
Part of an international group of companies, this European based wallcoverings manufacturer has over 70 years experience in the industry. It employs over 300 personnel with annual sales in excess of 50million Euro.
Initial Contact
M&R recognised as long ago as 1999 that companies in the wallcovering industry were literally throwing money away. M&R's initial involvement at that time was in purchasing off-grade rolls of plain vinyl coated base for reintroduction to the printing market. Having successfully established itself as a supplier of off-grade plain wallpaper base, additional demand from its overseas customers network encouraged M&R to investigate the printed wallcoverings industry and contact was established with this client.
Needs Analysis
M&R has an established methodology to develop the most effective solution for its clients and this was followed in this instance.

The first key stage was to carry out a site audit. This established that the client was grouping all their waste rolls and scrap together. Miss-printed and unprinted wallcoverings were entering the same tipper skips from production and being channelled towards a compactor and baling system. At considerable cost to the client all waste wallcoverings were being removed for re-processing and/or vinyl recovery.

M&R, through its partnership network established that a high proportion of the rolls entering the tippers, although unsuitable for European markets, could be recycled in several African markets.

The next phase, covering a 2 week period, involved samples being taken from each line for quality analysis. This process enabled M&R to establish the approximate quantity of off-spec wallcoverings that could potentially be sold for re-use.

Finally, samples of all grades were sent to 3 different countries so that M&R customers could evaluate the materials and provide feedback. This feedback allowed M&R to identify the percentage of useable wallcoverings which could be separated out and sold.
Proposed Solution
M&R established that up to 50% of the wallcoverings that were currently being disposed of at a significant cost to the client, could be recycled and sold at a profit.

It was proposed that the client replaced the tipper skips at the end of each process line, with uniform sized boxes. Each box would have colour coded, reusable labels, clearly indicating what type of paper would go into each box.

The employees were then trained in the new separation procedure and the environmental and cost benefits associated with their work.

Once full the Gross and Net weight of each box was written externally and they were removed and placed into a storage area, awaiting collection from
M&R Recycling.

M&R assumed total responsibility for the process thereafter making all the necessary transport/shipping arrangements.
Client Benefits
The client has seen a marked reduction in landfill and processing costs combined with an increase in profitability. Rather than having to mange an expensive problem the client now enjoys an increase in their profitability in excess of 35,000 Euro per annum.
Future Benefits
As costs of waste disposal increase M&R is working with the client to increase the proportion of its material that can be recycled so further reducing costs and generating additional revenue.
M&R Recycling Ltd - Reducing Landfill , Increasing Profit